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Meet the Family!

King Family

We are the King's! 

We moved to Kentucky in April of 2022 from Oregon. We were looking for a place to raise our children in a more wholesome manner while homesteading to raise our own food. 

We wanted a more healthy life, separate from the standard rat race that we were stuck in. Oregon was so expensive that I was working all the time at a well paying job and we were barely making ends meet. 

We chose Kentucky based on everything we found, it is a beautiful state with more christian and conservative values. We were also able to purchase land and a fixer-upper house and stay mortgage free, and nearly impossible task in Oregon.

I (Zachary) am a stay at home Dad, homeschooling our 2 children, working on the Raise Em Up Homestead business in my spare time. Brandi has become a Realtor in order to help others make the life transition we did. 

All our products come from us trying to replace chemical laden products in our own life, and then sharing those products with all of you!

With the exception of the clothing and printed swag, all of our products are handmade by us in our kitchen. We package and ship everything ourselves. 

We are able to make sure that everything we produce is up to the best quality with no added chemicals. 

The R&D and process of getting these products out to you has been very exciting and and amazing experience. 

We hope you all love our products!!!

Thank you for reading this and getting to know us!!

-Zachary "Slick" King