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Custom Hiking Staff - Paracord Handle

Custom Hiking Staff - Paracord Handle

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How many different Colors of Paracord incorporated into the handle:
This is a handmade, custom-fit walking stick.

I source my sticks by finding them in nature. I never cut living trees, and I only use sticks that I have found already on the ground. I test them for strength and suitability.

I make each stick to order, designed to fit you.

Once you place the order I will contact you to fine-tune the details of the Walking Stick, i.e. color combinations, as well as the height of the person the staff is going to be used by.

I adjust the height of the staff to fit the recipient so that they can comfortably hold and use the staff.

I work with you to ensure that the staff will fit you and your needs.

I can work up to 4 colors into the handle of the staff and can get paracord in almost any color you may want.

Delivery times may vary due to the handmade nature of the product, I try to get them done and shipped as quickly as possible.
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